Coffee Takes Me Back

Nothing makes me feel more like a Portland chick in Honolulu than my massive coffee cravings.  Sure, they have some pretty tasty Kona on the island but for the most part when you order a cuppa joe here, you’re gonna get something watery in a Styrofoam cup.  Thankfully, K and I have finally remedied this catastrophic catastrophe.

Back in October when I was testing the mid-Pacific waters with a visit to my lover, we stumbled upon a coffee shop near the university that up until a few days ago I was convinced was called Galeca.  As a unit, we drink coffee at fairly bizarre hours of the day, so when we were cruising around Honolulu last week looking for art supplies (to feed my other addiction) it became suddenly imperative that we caffeinate.  Since the coffee shop in question is in fact not called Galeca, it took us two tries to locate it again.

Glazer’s!  (Okay so Galeca is pretty far off.  Whatevas.)  It’s an amazing, comfy spot with enough artwork to keep even the most ADD hipster occupied.  They self-identify as a “third place” and do a pretty durn good job of it, and apparently they’re referred to as “the living room of Honolulu”.  I totally buy it.

And oh goodness…the coffee.  So I’ve only been there a handful of times but not only are the baristas about five-thousand-million times more polite than most Portland baristas (myself included), they’re SUPER talented.  The latte art is unbelelievable:

…and whatever roast they’re using is fantastic.  I’m a bit confused because they have illy canisters on their shelves and also have their own roast, but whatever they’ve been putting in my mug thus far is fine by me (despite the huge boner I have for illy).   Check out their coffee page and you mouth will not stop watering until you appease it with a visit to this mecca.

If all that epicness doesn’t tempt you, I give you the K-HEPster being lovesick and  caffeinated at Glazer’s back in October:

Isn’t he cute?

4 responses to “Coffee Takes Me Back

  1. have you tried morning glass? they have stumptown coffee woo!

  2. the morning glass crew are from Portland….
    sure shot cafe – for more attitude with the service
    kissaten coffee bar – 24 hrs, watch the extra charges, ” oh, a cup for
    the coffee… that will cost…”
    the manifest – cafe during the day, neat place to get work done in the afternoon
    and a short walk from manifest is Fisher Hawaii on fort st. which has art supplies…

    • Thank you for all the suggestions!
      I am always looking for new places to consume coffee and procure art supplies. These have been added to my ever-growing list of things to do while on the island.

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