A House of Beers

On Tuesday, L and I scooted on down to Chinatown in hopes of attending another Kaleidoscope. Sadly, thirtyninehotel is currently renovating and is only open on Friday and Saturday nights. I did run into one of the bartenders at Downbeat who told me they might start doing Kaleidoscope during the construction, but on Thursday instead. We shall see.

Undaunted, we instead popped over to Bar 35, located next door. With over 150 beers available, this is a venerable house of beers. 21 different countries are represented in this selection and the prices run up to $9, though the majority sit at a very reasonable $5.50. We managed to roll in at happy hour and all of the beers priced at $5.50 were discounted to $4 with select beers at $3.

For us Oregonians who are used to quality microbrews, this place is Candy Land. The massive inside bar runs along one side of the lounge area and has beers displayed all the way up to the ceiling. The lounge is quite nice and had a movie being projected onto a wall, though the music was a bit louder than one would expect on a Tuesday night. Luckily, Bar 35 also has two semi-private rooms with very plush couches as well as a patio with a second bar, though it wasn’t in operation while we sat outside in the warm night, enjoying our German and Australian beers. The waitresses were by a regular intervals which meant that one could conceivably spend the whole night (weather and bathroom breaks permitting) outside on the comfy padded benches and seats.

Now, my time in Hawaii has mostly been spent rolling from one show to the next with virtually no nice, quiet nights drinking and conversing. To finally find this in Bar 35 was very refreshing. It’s a great date spot as it is quite chic and serves what seemed to be fantastic pizzas. Conversely, it is also a good place to meet up with co-workers or friends due to its large selection of beers and other drinks. Bar 35 also runs events such as 80’s Pop Muzik’s dance nights, fashion shows, and Karaoke contests.

Happy hour is all night Monday, 4-8pm Tuesday to Thursday, and 6-10pm on Saturday nights, so stop in and have a Deschutes for us.

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