Lazy Days

W0w, we really have been slacking.  I, for one, have decided that it’s time  for a vacation and lucky for me, I get one! Next week, in fact.  You’ve gotta love all the extra school holidays that exist in Hawaii.

If Kendle and I had been on our A-game this week, we probably would’ve written about our amazing night at the Ong King Arts Center with Narwhal and Discord & Rye for Ramblin’ For Raegen.  As it stands, it only got a brief mention in my personal blog.

Look!  An octopus!

You can even see the little Starry Night-esque stars to the left!

Now look at a sea turlte!

Instead of blogging, Kendle and I went to the beach on Sunday!  And there were sea turtles! That’s a pretty good excuse, right?

And look at what a pretty day it was:

Ooooh, ocean!

(Looks for more pictures to make this post look somewhat more legit)

Oh, look!  It’s a happy Kendle:

Happy Wednesday!

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