Obscure Movie Night

About a week ago, Kendle and I decided to celebrate all our hard work (found an apartment, worked on Winston the moped, and all the usual jazz) with a trip down to ChiTo for Monday Movie Night at Downbeat Diner.  With our Primo Big Braddahs in hand and a feast of the always delectable Downbeat fare, we were ready to hunker down for a night of old school thriller goodness (“The Exorcist”!).  Lucky for us, the Downbeat staff is just too cool for school and likes us enough to keep us in the loop.

After the usual howdy-do’s, the talented Miss Erica of Gnarwhal slapped down a copy of the HIFF directory and recommended we skip the Downbeat movie and roll on down to Dole Cannery for a flick about the current garage rock revival instead.  Just goes to show you that it pays to have friends in cool places.  What a night!

First we were disturbed and entertained by “Brick Novax’s Diary”, a short film featuring a terminally ill doll (watch the preview here).  This FoD (Funny or Die) tidbit actually won the Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at Sundance.  Despite the total over-the-top vibe, or perhaps because of it, Kendle and I got a real kick out of Brick’s tale.

On to the meat!  The feature film, “NEW GARAGE EXPLOSION!!: IN LOVE WITH THESE TIMES” was a shift in gears from Barbies on shag carpets, but it had us both riveted within moments.  New to the scene myself (I’ve always been more well versed in big band and symphonic music) I came at this film with little or no expectations.  Though I’d heard the music of several of the featured bands, such as The Black Lips and Nobunny, everything else was new and oh so exciting.

From queercore to classic punk, I gobbled up as much musical jargon as I could while simultaneously basking in the close-up cinematography and good music.  Shiny records and grungy stages sparkled on the big screen and I gorged myself on popcorn until the last song was sung and the spell was broken. I may not be much of a movie critic…which is why the directors were smart enough to put their masterpiece on YouTube! So, watch it for yourselves, you hipsters.  You know you want to:

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