Happy New Year!

Well, it’s 2013 now. I hope you all had excellent New Year’s Days and, if you’re like me, the hangover was well earned. We’re going to ring in this New Year a little differently than 2012. We haven’t put together any lists (though I reserve the right to change my mind about the lists later), but we have been pondering what is it we do here at HEP.

As you can see by the lovely little Year 2012 summary, we only posted nine times last year. That’s not even one post a month. The reason for this drop from twenty the year before? We just went to far fewer shows this year. Now, we’ve already talked about this in a previous blog, but not much has changed and that post was in September. So, what do we do? There are three options here: we can limp along like a three legged dog, just posting every so often and racking up about the same amount of posts this year, or we can let HEP fade into obscurity like some grizzled old hipster wandering off to Ventura to die.

Or we can evolve to fit the niche we now live in. When we started this blog, we were two young people going to shows most nights and having few cares in the world. But we got married. We got a dog, an apartment, married friends with kids. We foster dogs and ride our bikes and try to get to the beach on the rare days it’s not raining. We shop at funky little shops and buy silly things. We listen to NPR.

Put simply, we’re not who we once were. So, this blog cannot continue to be written by people who don’t exist. Starting with the next post, we are expanding our gaze. We will, of course, still cover what’s going on with the music scene in Chi-To when we get our lazy bones that way. But we’re also going to talk about restaurants, bars, stores. The works. We are a culture blog, after all. Culture exists in more than smoky rooms filled with the rattle of sticks on drums and picks on guitars.

With this expanded subject matter, we have made a New Year’s resolution of sorts. We think we can post at least twice a month until we depart the island sometime later this year. This should be somewhere near the twenty we put up in 2011. The ultimate number would be twenty six posts, an average of one per two weeks of all of 2013. If we can make that goal, I will buy a giraffe or something.

Hey, we all have to have our goals, right? Here’s to the New Year and good luck on those resolutions you all have. Let’s see if we can work on them together.

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