Aloha, Hawaii!

goodbyehawaiiWell, it has come to that time; We are moving from Hawaii. Actually we are travelling from Hawaii to Germany at this very moment! The house was packed and the car shipped earlier this week and goodbyes were given at several dinners. It’s a bittersweet thing, really; The excitement of living in a new country offset by the sadness at leaving the place that has become our home.

We’ve had a good run, though. We met many cool people and had many awesome times in China Town and the greater Oahu area. L and I fell in love and got married. We made a baby. Truly, it has been an eventful three years.

This blog has chronicled some of those times, but it is by no means complete. Maybe some day I’ll actually get around to telling all of the stories we’ve accrued, but not today. I’m a bit too busy moving halfway around the world.

So, what of the future of HEP? Honestly, I’m not sure know where we go from here. I have some ideas, but I’m going to stay tight lipped until I figure everything out. For now, I will leave the 33 posts from the past two years as a sort of memorial to our love for China Town, Oahu, and the people who made those places great. We will miss you all and hopefully we can get together again some day.

Stay classy, Honolulu. Aloha and mahalo.panoramahawaii

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