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Music Scene Updates!

So, there has been some news since we put together our last post on Gnarwhal’s Record Release party. Let’s get to it:

1. Coral Stabz is more or less through. I spoke with Travis about why the band was breaking up and he said that it was simply because they feel they had explored all they could with the style. When asked if this was the last we’d seen of Coral Stabz, he responded that it was likely they would play their songs again since the two of them are starting two other bands together. I think this is something we can all pin our hopes on.

2. As if the news above wasn’t bad enough, Gnarwhal has declared they only have four more shows remaining. It appears that Erica is planning on moving back to San Francisco, ending the run of this band at its peak. I’ve yet to catch up with Adam and Nick and see what their plans are.

3. New bands! During our four month Chi-To hiatus, it appears that the scene has grown with the addition of many new bands. With titans like Red Rocket, Coral Stabz, and Gnarwhal on the out, it will be interesting to see which of these bands will step up to replace them. And, of course, we’ll be there to report when they do.

With the news out of the way, let’s talk about upcoming shows.

Friday, May 11th at Coffee Talk with Gnarwhal, Shopping List, Mano Cane, Broke Aesthetic, and The Italian Brains. This is an all ages show. Doors open at 7:30 PM and the cover is $7.

Friday, May 11th at ThirtyNineHotel: Kaleidoscope with Gnarwhal and DJs Ross Jackson And Davey Shinding. Yes, this is Gnarwhal’s second show tonight. Starts at 9 PM.

Monday, May 17th at SOHO with Men and Gnarwhal. Gnarwhal’s second to last show! Don’t have any more info, so why don’t you bug Gnarwhal on their Facebook?

Monday, May 17th at Manifest with I Tramonti, Harshist, Illectrix, Siblings, and Pharaohs. I’ve heard great things about Harshist and Siblings are always a good ride. Starts at 7 PM, cover unlikely.

Saturday, May 19th at Mercury: Morrissy After Party with Dead Dead Millies, Travis D Wiggins & The Second Hand Emotions, Stephen Augustin & The Fourth Wall, and DJs Papi Chulo and Haircuts for Men. Travis has this to say about the show: “TIP YR FUCKING BARTENDER AND DON’T CALL HER “BABY” UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET STABBED IN THE FUCKING NECK.” Starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, May 24th at Mercury: Gnarwhal’s last show with Dead Dead Millies, Harshist, Gnarwhal, and DJ Jet Boy/Jet Girl. I wouldn’t miss this one for the world. Doors at 10 PM, but get there early to shower them with goodbye gifts.

SALT-y Beers

It was my second night on Oahu and I was ready to hit the bars and get buzzed enough to forget how culture-shocked I was feeling.  Since Honolulu seems to lack an online presence for the most part, Kendle and I joined up with a group of trendy scenesters and local musicians who knew just the place to go on a Sunday night.  Birthday boy, Nick of the local band Narwhal, let this F.O.B. girl tag along to SALT Kitchen & Tasting Bar to join in the fun.

The place was packed with young professionals and artsy types, cramming onto the industrial upper floor to gander at the black and white photographs from local artists. The HEP favorite featured  a particularly curly mustachioed fellow (and maybe a car? Oh beer, how you alter my memory).  Not thinking that I’d be blogging about this experience, I (pretty stupidly) didn’t search out the artist’s name.  Oops.

After just a few minutes of crowding the bar, we walked away with a couple of (only slightly overpriced) Sam Adam’s.  Had we been feeling a bit gutsier, we could have ordered the “Brown Bag Special” – a cheap can of beer served in a little brown bag –  that seemed to be a pretty popular choice.

Overall, the noise was manageable, the people were cool, and vibe was trendy: perfect for Date Night or just a chill and funky night on the town.  Aside from curbing Kendle’s mischevious desire to scale the slatted walls, we had a great time.  Maybe next time we’ll hit them up on a slower night and give the supposedly delicious food a try.