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Not Just Scenesters

I love Saturdays.  The cool, Hawaiian breeze through my kitchen.  The bitter coffee I can sip for hours on my patio with no worries of being late to work.  But no great Saturday is born without an equally fantabulous Friday night.  Whether you get off work and immediately hit one of your favorite bars where all the cool people go pau hana, or maybe you go home and listen to some relaxing music, you’ve gotta do something to get into the weekend swing.

After a terribly rough week of word search puzzles and arts and crafts, I decided that taking Kendle out for a juicy burger at Big City Diner (our new pad has one just down the street) was just the thing. With expectations only of salty fries and a cold beer, we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that Friday night is live music night at BCD.  Cold ones in hand, we mellowed out to a kind of music we’ve heard very little of since moving to Oahu: traditional Hawaiian.

It’s not surprising, really.  Most of the HEPsters’ weekends are spent in ChiTo, grooving out to the vibrant stylings of our favorite local rock bands, or lying low at one of the less crowded beaches on the North Shore.  We don’t spend much time at tourist hotspots, not because of some deep seated protest on our parts, but because it’s hard to find time when you both have legit jobs and weekends are a precious time. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find ourselves swaying to the beat of a different drum on Friday night.

What it comes down to is that live music is live music, and live music is fantastic.  You forge a connection with the artists whether you want to or not; with ‘Ike Pono you don’t have much of a choice. Humorous, melodious, and hypnotic, the music of this local trio went from barbershop quartet to Hawaiian mariachi band to just plain relaxing over the course of a half hour.  During their intermission, the three band members, Stan, Bobby, and Michael, made the rounds and chatted up the patio crowd.  It was great to form a connection beyond the music and find out that we even had some things in common! It turns out that Stan used to be in the military, Bobby is a band director at a local school, and Michael is from Oregon. Small world.

Well, it’s time for me to get off the Intertubes and finish the saga that is our move to a new place.  Tonight, all will be rewarded with much music and madness at ChiTo’s Hallowbaloo where we’ve been told a bit of Discord & Rye/ Raised by Wolves will be going down at Hank’s.  Catch you there!