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Year End List! (Part 1)

Happy New Year! Of course, kids, it’s time for those lovable Year End Lists where one person decides everything that was great during the whole year and everyone else can complain about how wrong they are. This year, we’re going to stop complaining and undertake the surprisingly difficult lists ourselves.

Here’s how this is going to work: We’re going to do five ‘Top Five’ lists spaced out over five days; one today, one tomorrow, and so on. These lists  have all been painstakingly compiled by Kendle with L in an advisory/veto role. So, without further ado:

Top Five Biggest Music News Stories

5. White Stripes Abruptly Break Up: Despite Jack White’s heavy commitment to  the Raconteurs and Dead Weather, news of the White Stripes’ sudden breakup seemly came out of nowhere and was a terrible birthday present for Kendle. Lucky for us fans, they are going to continue releasing vault songs for years to come. And, unlike Tupac, it won’t be all creepy and beyond the grave.

4. LCD Soundsystem Finish Their Run: In an epic, once-in-a-lifetime concert, LCD Soundsystem completed their promised time as a band, ending a ten year career that saw James Murphy, a 41 year old producer and co-founder of DFA Records, become a beacon of cool. There has never been a show Kendle wanted to attend more. Check out some of the videos on Youtube to see why.

3. Arcade Fire Wins Grammy: At the 53rd Grammys, Arcade Fire took the Best Album of the Year award. The Internet took a collective shit. Who Is Arcade Fire? was the outcry as many blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts wondered why Eminem, Lady GaGa, and Katy Perry lost out to the Pitchfork-loved Canadian Indie band. Even the band was surprised.

2. Amy Winehouse’s Death: Amy Winehouse, the soulful pop singer that electrified the world in 2006 with six Grammy awards, died of alcohol poisoning 23 July, joining the infamous 27 Club. While she had been in and out of rehab centers for years (and famously singing about it), her death still came as a shock to many, including some local soul singers who put together a tribute concert in August.

1. Occupy Wall Street: While not technically a music story, the Occupy Wall Street protest (and Occupy Movement it spawned) was, and continues to be, so large that it crept into every corner of our society, including pop culture. Many musicians have supported it, sometimes staging whole concerts to keep morale high. Moreover, the protests have pulled public attention back towards the political realities of the US and abroad, prompting a more focused debate about economic equality and corporate influence in government.